declutter your home after the holidays

How To Declutter Post Holidays


During the Holidays, it is easy for us to get wrapped up in the festivities and forget about the more mundane work such as cleaning, keeping things organized, or even about the new red stain on the brand-new couch left behind from a glass of wine. Then when the company leaves and our haze of festive celebration is removed from our eyes, we are left with the reality of a minor land-mine of clutter and celebration spills.

In order to regain our space for the year ahead, it is important to take the time to declutter it at the first opportune moment. In fact, as you look to next year, consider setting a couple days aside post-celebration in order to make your space clutter-free and clean! This allows you to relax more during the Holiday season because you know you have time following the festivities to handle any messes and remove any clutter.

The first thing to do when decluttering a space post-company is to do a quick clean sweep of the home removing any toiletries, used napkins/glasses, and other items left behind by your guests. Next, go about washing any dirty dishes, taking out the trash, and starting some laundry. Put items back in their places keeping in mind that it is perfectly fine to throw away old items if you determine you do not need them through the process. Finally, do a mini “spring clean” of your space where you clean each room of your home with a little extra elbow grease. As a minimalist, it is important that when you are done with this process that you feel like you can kick back and relax in a clean and clutter-free space. It sets you up for success as the New Year begins.

You had Your Cake and Ate It Too

We all tend to eat a little extra over the Holiday season. Rather than beating yourself up over every sweet treat, focus on the pleasure of the moments that were cherished during the time spent around the table. Food is so much more than just fuel for our bodies, it is also a way to connect and create pleasurable moments between family and friends.

As you return to your routine, however, consider putting into place a fun eating plan filled with wholesome ingredients and fresh foods loaded with nutrients in order to get your body functioning at its finest. You may even consider talking to your doctor or a nutritionist about a detox or cleanse in order to declutter your body while you declutter your space. Just remember to have fun with your food and to enjoy the simple pleasures of what good healthy eating is all about.

Let’s Talk Schedule

Finally, as we head into the New Year, your schedule may also need some decluttering. Look at what you have committed to and sincerely consider if everything in your schedule needs to be there. We often tend to overcommit ourselves following the Holiday season, however, as a minimalist, it is important that you start the year out clutter-free both physically and mentally. Take a couple hours and sit down with your schedule to determine if you truly want to maintain everything in your calendar for not only the month ahead, but the year as well.

The Holiday season is by far the most festive and arguably the most exciting time of year. We fill it with an abundance of parties, small and large gatherings, and connecting with those we love. It is also the season where excess can easily become the norm and routine becomes a thing of the past. As a minimalist, remember to take some time post-Holiday season to declutter your space, your physical body, and your mind in order to perform at your best during the year to come. You may find that you actually enjoy the decluttering process much more than you realized!

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