Making Memories Count this Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s day is one of the greatest days of planning and celebration often marked by countless roses, chocolates, and the vibrant colors of deep reds and soft pinks. Couples often spend the entire day lavishing one another in precious gifts and intimate date nights in an effort to show their love for each other. It is a day of indulgence and romance. With all of this extra fluff, how does a minimalist begin to celebrate this special occasion without going overboard on the mere magnitude of gifts given and the romantic gestures created for one’s significant other? How do you embrace this day without embracing all of the “stuff” that goes with it? When approaching Valentine’s day preparations, it is important to consider a few tips in order to create a day that is not only filled with love, but also filled with meaning. Your partner should not only feel the breadth of your love, but also the depth. Here is how to make Valentine’s day meaningful this year:

Remember the Reason for This Day

We often want nothing more than to lavish those closest to us with gifts and special moments at any and every opportunity. However, before we head to the stores and into the restaurants, it is important to take a step back and remember why this day was created originally. This day was marked on our calendars because of a man who felt it was important to show love to others even when it may be difficult to do so. He encouraged others to reach out to one another in love and to show this love in the actions and words they chose to use when interacting with each other. In the United States, we have taken this concept and specifically made Valentine’s day a day to show our love and appreciation to our spouse, our fiancé, or our girlfriend/boyfriend. We use it as an opportunity to spend one entire day showing another why we love them and the capacity in which we do. When you keep this simple fact in mind for this Valentine’s day, the rest becomes less important and your focus shifts a bit when considering the plans for the day.

Consider the Person You Love

The next point you want to consider when making your Valentine’s day agenda is the person you actually want to show your affection to. Does he or she respond favorably to gifts? Perhaps they are more likely to appreciate a handwritten note, a few kind words, or a special event. Take some time to look at past moments and recognize specific instances where your partner felt most appreciated and loved. Did you do the dishes? Did you write a sincere note? Did you buy a particular gift on his/her list? Did you take them to an opening of a new restaurant? All of us have a way we give and receive love most effectively, and by discovering how your partner receives love is the greatest thing you can learn when making a Valentine’s day memory specifically for them.

It’s All in the Details

Once you recognize what makes your partner feel valued and loved, you can begin to establish a special day just for them. Whatever you decide to incorporate, be sure it reflects the things that matter most to them. For example, if your significant other appreciates red roses, take the time to find those flowers in particular. Do not rush off to buy the first flowers you see. Take your time and make the gift meaningful. Gestures such as this demonstrate to your partner that you are attentive to their wishes and what they cherish most.

If you are a couple who values evenings spent cooking together, avoid going out to a fancy restaurant or event, although it may be tempting to do so for this special occasion. Chances are your special someone would prefer selecting a traditional meal you both enjoy making together versus going out to eat. If you want to take it a bit further, but still keep it in the comfort of your home, you may also consider hiring a private chef for your evening in, or even an at-home cooking class. This shows you recognize the moments shared between the two of you in your home, but you also want to provide the element of surprise to your partner. Small touches of thought, such as these, will never go unnoticed.

A Few Fresh Ideas

Perhaps you have only known your partner for a short amount of time and are unsure where to begin with your Valentine’s day celebration. Again, take some time to reflect on what you do know about him or her. Then, consider a few unique ideas they may enjoy. By selecting something fresh for Valentine’s day, you show them you put some thought into how to spend your time together. A few ideas to ponder may include: donating to a charity your partner values as a way to show love to not only them but also to others on this special day, visiting a gallery or historic venue that ties to his or her heritage or culture, or perhaps researching a few traditions held by those present for when Valentine’s day was originally founded. Keep it fresh and put some thought into what your partner would value most.

Valentine’s day is so much more than the items and things we fill it with. It is a day to be cherished and appreciated by those who understand and value what love is. Make this Valentine’s day meaningful by taking time to consider what love means to your significant other and how you can show that love to him or her. Then embrace the day of warmth and gratitude with one another knowing it is filled only with those places, moments, and people that matter most.

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