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One of the most neglected parts of any home is the bathroom. We use this space to store random odds and ends, towels and washrags, and our entire makeup and hair accessory collection. With all of the clutter, it is often difficult to see this space as our mini spa retreat, but more like a place simply to do what we need to do and get out! However, with a few adjustments and a little refinement, you can create a bathroom fit for any king or queen. Below are a few items to consider when creating your perfect minimalist bathroom.

The Foundation- A Neutral Color Palette

Although it can be tempting to select your favorite vibrant color palette, choosing a neutral color for your bathroom walls is essential when opting for a minimalist look. Bright, clean whites, greys, and subtle muted earth tones make the space larger than it really is, whereas, darker or bolder colors make the area appear smaller. With this in mind, it is important to select your color wisely as the bathroom is often the smallest area of your home. The neutral tones also allow for a fresh slate for building upon with other décor items, and ultimately leaves you feeling clean and refreshed when you spend time in your bathroom.

In addition to the colors you choose for the walls, selecting the proper material for the countertops and floors is equally as significant. In order to obtain a minimalist spa-like experience in your bathroom, consider selecting natural elements and materials to bring into your space. Concrete, marble, or any other stone for your flooring and countertops provide sleek, clean lines for the area and removes unnecessary chaos for your eye. Natural, raw wood or smooth metals are also nice additions to your minimalist design as hand towels and fixtures. Choosing these natural elements only add to your refined bathroom and pull the space together in a cohesive way. If you are desiring a little contrast in your space, but want to keep the minimalist aesthetic, you can select darker metals for your fixtures. This design selection will provide the contrast you are looking for but still maintain the clean lines and natural foundation that is so important for a minimalist bathroom. Clean, simple, and refined.

Remove the Clutter

Whether you are building your bathroom from the ground up or you are in the process of remodeling, removing all the unnecessary clutter is the next step in designing your minimalist space. Some clutter to consider getting rid of- all trinkets that are purely for decoration and serve no other purpose, hair products or makeup you no longer use, extra towels and washrags, expired medication or cleaning supplies, and any other item that only makes the space look crowded or overly busy.

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Once you have given away any items you no longer need, your next step is to neatly organize the remaining items found in your space. If you are selecting the cabinets and drawers for your bathroom, consider options that provide a hidden, sleek look to the area. Again, natural stone drawers or cabinets that slide flush to the rest of the countertop leaves you with a smooth line and almost invisible compartment to store your necessary items. Equally as important as the cabinets you select is how you place your products and towels in them. Even though these parts are often hidden out of sight, you want the storage to be appealing when you open the drawer or cabinet. For example, when folding your towels, make sure to place the seams toward the back of cabinet. Product bottles and containers should be organized by height and ease of access with respect to how frequently you will be using them. Consider functional wicker baskets for towels or toiletry rolls if they must be visible in the space. Finally, remember that you do not need to fill every spot that has storage. You want your bathroom to be light, airy, and breathable, so resist packing in unnecessary items. Every object you put within your space must be beautiful and functional, otherwise, it does not belong in your bathroom.

Adding Décor Detail

Once you have created your foundation and brought in only those items that you need in the bathroom, you are ready to add the final touches to your space. These items, again, are to be aesthetically pleasing but also serve a purpose. One of the greatest assets to your bathroom space is a large mirror. Many times, individuals make the mistake of selecting a small oval mirror for the bathroom. Although this may be functional, larger rectangular mirrors provide a much better option for a couple of reasons. First, large mirrors make the room look more spacious by reflecting images rather than having the reflection lines cut off by smaller mirrors. Also, placing feature lights just above the mirror and directing them onto the surface allows for the mirror to reflect the light into the space and makes the bathroom look brighter. Again, this is great for bathrooms as they are often the smallest room in the home.

A small houseplant also makes a great addition to your minimalist bathroom. Not only does it provide that pop of color you may be desiring, but it also provides air purification for your space. The bathroom is often home to a lot of steam and air pollutants that can leave the room smelling musty and feeling slightly gritty. By bringing a plant into the home, it will help to keep the bathroom culprits at bay and the air smelling fresh and clean. A few plants to consider for cleaner air include the Snake Plant, Spider Plant, Boston Fern, and Golden Pothos.

Creating your perfect minimalist bathroom does not need to be complicated. Simply keep in mind that less is more and opt for light and natural options when working with your foundational elements. Hold onto only the items that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional and remove the rest from the area. Keep your space organized and clutter free remembering that this allows for easier cleanup and less of an eyesore for those utilizing the bathroom. Finally, create contrast and visual appeal using reflective surfaces, such as a large mirror and hand-selected lighting, dark metals for fixtures, and houseplants that aid in the purification of the air in your space. If you keep these key tips in mind when creating or redesigning your bathroom, you will be well on your way to having the minimalist space of your dreams.

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