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What Is Minimalism And Why Is It Becoming So Popular?


In the modern world, the idea of minimalism is foreign to most people. We’ve been conditioned since birth to believe that material possessions lead to happiness. Collecting unnecessary junk has become a habit for many of us, and we might even spend a large chunk of our lives amassing items we don’t need. Unfortunately, many people have learned the hard way that hoarding is more trouble than it’s worth. If you’ve found yourself feeling smothered by mountains of useless items that were supposed to make you happy, a minimalist lifestyle could be right for you.

So What Exactly is Minimalism, Anyway?

It’s difficult to define minimalism in simple terms, because it means something different for everyone. The defining trait of a minimalist lifestyle is a lack of attachment to material items, and minimalists aim to live their lives without unnecessary junk holding them back.

You could even say that minimalism is a spectrum. For “casuals”, minimalism means nothing more than making sure their home is well-organized and free of clutter. For “hardcore” minimalists, it’s a spiritual journey that involves daily meditation and deep contemplation. Most people who follow a minimalist lifestyle are floating around somewhere in the middle.

Most people become interested in minimalism because they’re feeling overwhelmed by their possessions. If you’re here with us today, there’s a good chance you fall into this category. You might be running out of closet space, tripping over bulky furniture, or fighting back mountains of clutter around the house. Over time, this wears away at you. You might even notice negativity springing up in other areas of your life because of all the clutter. If you’re looking to break the cycle of buying useless things and struggling to find a place to stash them, the minimalist lifestyle is calling your name.

 Why is Minimalism Such a Big Deal All of a Sudden?

There are plenty of reasons that minimalism has become so popular in recent years. You could say that the popularity of minimalism is a “side effect” of the negative aspects of modern society. Countless people are overworked, underpaid and dissatisfied with their lives. Minimalism offers an escape from the modern problem of working overtime and still not being able to pay the bills. It makes people question whether or not they really need to spend half their life chained to a desk at a job they hate, only so they can buy things they don’t need.

Another major reason minimalism has taken off is because of increased environmental awareness. In modern times, we’re realizing how much damage we’ve done to the environment as a result of consumerism. Landfills are overflowing, the oceans are polluted, and air quality is declining in major cities across the globe. Choosing to live a minimalist lifestyle allows common people to take a stand against pollution. Many minimalists refuse to buy items with wasteful, useless packaging that does nothing but fill up landfills. They’ve come to realize that by buying less items, they’ll produce less trash. In a time where the future of our environment is at stake, it’s no surprise that minimalism has become so popular.

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Minimalism Gives You Freedom From the Consumerist Media

Every time you turn on the TV or browse the internet, advertisements tell you to “shop the biggest sale of the season” or “browse the latest must-have fashions.” In our society, buying more items is always encouraged, but the dangers of hoarding are rarely discussed. No one talks about how you don’t have room in your closet for those “must-have fashions”, or how you’ll put yourself even deeper into debt by shopping that sale.

Modern minimalists can recognize when they’re being lied to, and they’re taking a stand against the predatory advertisement tactics that encourage so many people to buy more than they need. As a result, minimalists have more money to support their families and save for their future.

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Minimalism Gives You Precious Free Time to Enjoy Your Life

In the 21st century, free time is hard to come by. Most people spend a large chunk of their time working, and when they aren’t working they’re caught up in a consumerist lifestyle. They end up wasting most of their hard-earned money on new trends such as the latest clothes, makeup and furniture. Minimalists don’t spend their free time planning their next purchase or worrying about keeping up with trends. Instead, they develop their own unique personal style and do their own thing without worrying about the status quo.

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Minimalism Allows You to Focus on What’s Most Important

The minimalist lifestyle centers around eliminating unnecessary distractions and focusing on what matters most. Minimalists are focused on things that are important to them, and they frequently take steps to remove things that don’t fall into this category. Minimalists realize that it’s best to discard items that they don’t truly appreciate. When you aren’t distracted by all the clutter, you’ll develop a greater appreciation for your favorite items and be able to appreciate them more.

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Is Minimalism Right for You? Only You Can Decide

It’s going to take more than a crash-course in minimalism for you to decide whether or not you want to go deeper. Choosing a minimalist lifestyle isn’t something you can do in an afternoon. It’s something that takes time and energy, and it isn’t always easy. If minimalism seems like a road you’d like to go down, challenge yourself to imagine life without all the extras. Take a look around your living room and imagine what the room would look like with half of the furniture missing. Does it give you anxiety to imagine life without your TV stand, or does it fill you with relief? Does it seem like life would be empty without an extra armchair, or does the extra living space sound relaxing? If you’re interested in living your life free of the burdens of clutter, you just might be a natural born minimalist. By joining our email list, you’ll be able to read about how minimalism can improve your life and make an informed decision about whether minimalism is right for you.

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