The 6-Day Plan to Minimalism

minimalist guideYou made it this far. That’s good. Just opening and reading this guide means you’ve taken a step towards making minimalism a part of your life. You probably already know the basics of what minimalism is: living with less stuff. Accumulating fewer possessions. Only owning what you need, use and love. Throughout this guide, we’ll definitely talk about minimalism as it relates to stuff.

But also…

We’ll talk about how it relates to your time, money and health. Minimalism is an approach to all the parts of your life, all moving towards a goal. And what is that goal? Honestly, it looks a little different for everyone. But here’s one thing that many people find they get from going minimalist:  More. You might be saying to yourself:

“Wait… More? I thought minimalism was all about less.”  

It is. Buying and accumulating and paying for and cleaning and organizing less stuff means you get more. More time to do the things you love. More money to spend on experiencing the things you love. More focus for paying attention to the people you love. More awareness to spend on enjoying the places you love.

It all starts with figuring out what you want your goal to be, then making all the parts of your life line up with that. Sounds a little hard? A little vague? A little crazy?

That’s ok. We’ll go into exactly how you find your goal on Day 1. But first, let’s answer another question you may have knocking around in your head:

“I’m supposed to totally change my life in just 6 days?!?”

Well. Not exactly. While you can… You could follow this guide and all the steps and on day 7 be very far along the minimalist path. To do that, you’d probably need to take 6 days off of from work — and from everything else — to follow the steps. But that’s not how you have to use this guide.

This guide is designed to be used as it suits you. Maybe you do Day 1 this Saturday, then Day 2 next Saturday. That’s fine. Maybe day 4 sounds a little daunting, so you’d like to get Day 6 under your belt before you tackle it. That works too. You don’t have to do it all at once, you just have to do something. Read the guide and start with what sounds fun. (Though doing Day 1 first is really going to help you out with the other days.)

The most important thing is to start. Every step towards living a more intentional, less encumbered life, is a good step. Like we said, you’ve already made the first move: you’re reading this guide. So keep going. A wiser person than us once said, “The only way to do it, is to do it.”

So now we invite you to start living a calmer, happier, easier life, one day after another.  Welcome to minimalism. We’re glad you’re here.

Six Day Plan: DAY 1

Six Day Plan: DAY 2

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Six Day Plan: DAY 4

Six Day Plan: DAY 5

Six Day Plan: DAY 6

Six Day Plan: DAY 7 (no fair, you said six days!)