Holiday Decorating Using a Minimalist Approach


The hustle and bustle of the season brings about so many exciting opportunities to connect with one another in celebration. We plan dinner parties, festive work gatherings and the traditional family get togethers. We put a lot of time and energy into our preparations for the season, and rightly so. This time of year is cause for celebration indeed. Some even go as far as to hire a caterer to supply an eight-course meal, a live band to fill the space with vibrant sounds, and an event planner to take care of all of the festive décor for the evening. Even more people try to tackle all of this preparation on their own. The most extravagant of planning often comes down to the décor for the festive Holiday season. People pull out all the stops- from the chandeliers to the gold rimmed plates, we use the Holiday season to treat our guests with the finer things in life. However, more often than not, this also comes at the expense of stressful days leading up to the event and tiresome evenings following the festivities.

This year try out a new approach to the festive decorations. With a few small adjustments, you can decorate for the Holiday season the minimalist way. Your event will still look elegant and refined, but you will also have the pleasure of more energy and time for your guests! Here are a few suggestions when decorating for the Holiday season using the minimalist approach:

Select A Neutral Color Palate

There is something very elegant and sophisticated about a décor theme comprised of neutral colors. When selecting your colors for your Holiday festivity, keep in mind the colors most often found in nature. Use a minimalist option when it comes to the foundational color, such as black, grey, or white, and then compliment this base with a subtle hint of dusty blues, greens, or yellows. If you need an extra touch, selecting a metallic color adds an elegant detailed layer to your décor. Picking neutral tones when it comes to your décor allows your guests to take in the space without becoming overwhelmed by the business often caused by more vibrant or bold color selections.

Leave Room On The Table

Another key component to decorating like a minimalist during the Holiday season is making sure to not fill every negative space with décor when it comes to dining. Leave room along the table for your guests to eat comfortably and to converse with one another with ease. Quite often, we embrace large grandiose centerpieces and table arrangements. Although these are beautiful, they do not provide an environment where people can easily make eye contact or connect to each other. Instead of large bouquets of flowers or exuberant centerpieces, consider a gorgeous table runner and a few smaller floral arrangements. Better yet, hand-select natural elements on your next hike such as pinecones, branches from an aspen tree, or other greenery that may be found in your area. There is no reason to try to design anything elaborate. Simply lay these elements in a scattered pattern along the runner and enjoy the simplistic beauty it provides to your next dinner party.

Have One Focal Point

Consider selecting one main focal point for your festivities. When you walk into a space, it can sometimes be difficult to determine which direction to go, where people are to connect, or how the guests are to mingle throughout the room. By creating a singular focal point, you are providing direction for your guests and creating less opportunity for anxiety for those who prefer more intimate settings. For example, if everyone is to bring a gift to the party, think about making the tree your main point of focus. To do this, put most of your energy, budget, and time into decorating the tree (without overdoing it) and less time in the other areas of your space. This will allow an opportunity for your guests to know what to do when they enter the party because their eyes will be drawn to the tree and as a result they will know where to place their gifts. This simple minimalist trick provides subtle directions for what to do when entering the room without you having to say a word.

Another perfect example is making your dinner table the focal point if you are hosting a dinner party. Remember, you do not need to put an excessive amount of décor on the table, but rather, just make the pieces you do place on the table count. Candles along the runner provide a sparkle that catches guests’ attention and draw their eyes to the table. Another simple gesture that will help guide your guests to the table is handwritten place cards with each of their names on them. This draws their attention to the table and once again gives them instruction for where to go at your event. It gives them a “spot” at the party, allowing them to feel welcome and embraced.

Once you have established your focal point, limit the décor in the rest of the space. If you are to use several candles at the table or ribbon around a few small bouquets, consider placing a single tea light candle here and there, or small subtle nuances matching the color of the ribbon or floral bouquets on end tables, the railings, or the cocktail bar. Less is more when it comes to decorating the rest of the space. Keep your guests focused on the main event!

Decorating your space for the Holiday season is a simple pleasure when done properly. The minimalist knows how to incorporate natural elements and colors into their space, create a sleek and gorgeous table arrangement, and guide their guests by strategically creating focal points. Remember, the event is about the people and the cause for celebration, the décor should simply be the subtle addition to the evening.

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