Day 7:

“No fair! You said 6 days!”

We Did.

Don’t worry. This day is easy. It’s the day to relax into your new found lifestyle. To take time to notice the difference.

The 7th day on your journey is to enjoy what you’ve done. Think back to Day 1. Whether that was 2 months ago or last Thursday, you’ve come a long way. You’ve pared down your possessions to just the necessities. You’ve donated things that were just taking up space in your life. You’ve taken a look at your finances and the way you eat. You’ve made the way you interact with technology more intentional.

And most of all, you’ve done each step with your ideal home in mind. With your ideal life as the test against which everything is judged.

Just remember, minimalism is a journey. It’s a process and a way of doing things. Keep your plans handy whenever you need a reminder about what to do next. Refer to them whenever you need to decide if doing or buying something is truly important.

Now it’s time to relax. Settle in. Enjoy a life that’s a little less cluttered, a little more open, a little more focused. A minimalist life that’s so much more.